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Recommended sushi restaurants in Hokkaido, Japan

Recommended sushi restaurants in Hokkaido, Japan

Hakodate (96)Otaru (80)Asahikawa (69)Kushiro (45)Obihiro (43)Tomakomai (36)Chitose (31)Kitami (24)Muroran (14)Takikawa (14)Kutchan_Town_Abuta_Gun (13)Eniwa (13)Wakkanai (12)Ishikari (10)Abashiri (9)Kitahiroshima (9)Big_Dipper (8)Euichi_Machi_Euichi_Gun (8)Yakumo_Cho_Futumi_Gun (8)Iwamizawa (8)Iwanai_Cho_Iwanai_Gun (8)Date (8)Mombetsu (7)Nayo (7)Furano (7)Ebetsu (6)Rumoi (6)Fukagawa (5)Nemuro (5)Hidaka_Town_Saru_County (5)Mukawa_Town_Yufutsu_Gun (5)Akadaira (5)Betsukai_Town_Notsuke_District (5)Mombetsu_Gun_Okubetsu_Cho (5)Shiraoi_Town_Shiraoi_County (5)Yubari (5)Masuge_Cho_Masuge_Gun (5)Atsumigan_Cho_Atsumigan_Gun (5)Shari_Machi_Shari_Gun (5)Niseko_Town_Abuta_Gun (5)Shibetu (5)Maehwa (4)Tomamae_Gun_Haboro_Town (4)Okushiri_Town_Okushiri_District (4)Kushiro_Town_Kushiro_County (4)Togaru_Town_Monbetsu_County (4)Noboribetsu (4)Bihoro_Town_Abashiri_County (4)Urakawa_Cho_Urakawa_Gun (4)Echia_Cho_Cypress_Gun (4)Ondori_Town_Kawato_Gun (4)Nakashibetsu_Town_Shibetsu_County (4)Shin_Hidaka_Town_Hidaka_Gun (4)Shikabe_Cho_Kayabe_Gun (3)Kodaira_Cho_Kodaira_Gun (3)Yubari_Gun_Kuriyama_Cho (3)Meimuro_Cho_Kawanishi_Gun (3)Honbetsu_Town_Nakagawa_County (3)Mori_Town_Kayabe_County (3)Kamifurano_Town_Sorachi_Gun (3)Makubetsu_Town_Nakagawa_County (3)Hiroo_Cho_Hiroo_Gun (3)Edasai_Cho_Edasai_Gun (3)Shimizu_Town_Kamikawa_County (2)Naganuma_Cho_Yubari (2)Chonai_Town_Kamiiso_County (2)Kuso_Gun_Setona_Town (2)Higashikawa_Town_Kamikawa_County (2)Kawakami_Gun_Disciple_Qu_Cho (2)Biei_Town_Kamikawa_Gun (2)Hiratori_Town_Saru_County (2)Kenbuchi_Town_Kamikawa_County (2)Atsuma_Town_Yufutsu_Gun (2)Tobetsu_Town_Ishikari_County (2)Kaminokuni_Cho_Hiyama_Gun (2)Fukushima_Town_Matsumae_Gun (2)Wakan_Cho_Kamikawa_Gun (2)Oozora_Town_Abashiri_County (2)Sauruma_Cho_Tokoro_Gun (2)Ikeda_Town_Nakagawa_County (2)Sorachi_Gun_Minamihoro_Town (2)Nanae_Town_Kameda_Gun (2)Nagamabe_Cho_Yamagoe_Gun (2)Kikonai_Town_Kamiiso_County (2)Ashibetsu (2)Mombetsu_Gun_Yubu_Cho (2)Jidan_Cho_Jidan_Gun (2)Erimo_Cho_Horosen_Gun (2)Takasu_Cho_Kamikawa_Gun (2)Shinkan_Cho_Shinkan_Gun (2)Arisu_Gun_Jougou_Machi (1)Oshiki_Machi_Hiroo_Gun (1)Rikubetsu_Town_Ashoro_Gun (1)Shihoro_Town_Kawato_Gun (1)Teshio_Town_Teshio_County (1)Sunagawa (1)Abundance_Town_Teshio_Gun (1)Chichibu_Cho_Amaratsu_Gun (1)Rusutsu_Village_Abuta_County (1)Mombetsu_Gun_Kobetsu_Cho (1)Kyogoku_Town_Abuta_Gun (1)Shimokawa_Town_Kamikawa_County (1)Ashigarashi_Gun_Ashigarashi_Cho (1)Hokuryu_Town_Uryu_County (1)Rishirifuji_Town_Rishiri_County (1)Matsumae_Cho_Matsumae_Gun (1)Rishiri_Town_Rishiri_County (1)Urahoro_Town_Tokachi_Gun (1)Shintoku_Cho_Kamikawa_Gun (1)Shintotsukawa_Town_Kabato_Gun (1)Hamatombetsu_Town_Edasaki_Gun (1)Shirakufu_Town_Shirakufu_County (1)Shibetsu_Town_Shibetsu_County (1)Amaratsu_Cho_Amaratsu_Gun (1)Toma_Town_Kamikawa_Gun (1)Kamieuchi_Village_Kou_District (1)Hamanaka_Town_Atsukishi_Gun (1)Sutto_Town_Sutto_County (1)Chamkwan_Village_Yongfu_County (1)Tsubetsu_Town_Abashiri_County (1)Kuromatsunai_Town_Sutsu_Gun (1)Toyoura_Town_Abuta_Gun (1)Higashikagura_Town_Kamikawa_Gun (1)Toyako_Town_Abuta_Gun (1)Rebun_Town_Rebun_County (1)Naiie_Cho_Kochi_Gun (1)Kawahigashi_Gun_Kaguchi_Cho (1)Meibei_Cow_Town_Amaratsu_Gun (1)Tomamae_Town_Tomamae_County (1)Yubari_County_Yuhin_Cho (1)Kiyosato_Machi_Shari_Gun (1)Aibetsu_Town_Kamikawa_County (1)Koshimizu_Town_Shari_Gun (1)Rangetsu_Cho_Isoya_Gun (1)Kamikawa_Town_Kamikawa_County (1)Kamishihoro_Town_Kawato_Gun (1)

Recommended conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Hokkaido, Japan


Hokkaido’s Sushi Scene

Sushi in Hokkaido is renowned for its extensive use of fresh seafood, thanks to its geographical advantage. Located at the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido benefits from cold sea currents, which contribute to the high quality and freshness of its marine products. Therefore, sushi from Hokkaido has several distinctive features:

  1. Fresh Seafood: Salmon, scallops, squid, sea urchin, and crab are among the fresh ingredients abundantly used. These items are often delivered from the fishing ports to sushi restaurants on the same day, ensuring peak freshness.
  2. Unique Ingredients: Hokkaido is rich in luxurious ingredients such as sea urchin and crab, which are lavishly used in sushi offerings that may be hard to find elsewhere.
  3. Seasonal Flavors: With its clear-cut seasons, Hokkaido offers seasonal fish and seafood, allowing for a variety of sushi experiences depending on the time of year.
  4. Local Soy Sauce: Some sushi establishments utilize locally produced soy sauce, adding a unique regional flavor to their sushi that enhances the taste of the fresh ingredients.
  5. Artisanal Craftsmanship: The skill of the sushi chef is paramount in bringing out the best in fresh ingredients. Hokkaido boasts many restaurants where experienced chefs prepare exquisite sushi.

Sushi in Hokkaido is popular not only among locals but also among tourists, thanks to its diverse offerings that capitalize on these features.

Characteristics of Hokkaido’s Cuisine

Hokkaido: A Land of Vitality Nourished by Vast Nature

Hokkaido, covering about 22% of Japan’s land area, is a vast island known for its magnificent mountains, deep forests, beautiful lakes, and scenic coastlines, all of which create a landscape with unique appeal. Geographically, it features a central mountain range running east to west, with distinct climates and vegetation on the Pacific and Sea of Japan sides. Economically, it thrives on primary industries such as agriculture, fisheries, and forestry, with tourism also becoming a key sector. Urban areas, centered around Sapporo, are advancing in commerce and services. Despite facing challenges like population decline and aging, Hokkaido is exploring new possibilities in agriculture, tourism, and renewable energy, leveraging its vast lands and rich nature.

The Unique Charm of Harsh Nature and Ainu Culture

Hokkaido, at Japan’s northern tip, has developed a unique history and culture, influenced by its harsh natural environment and the Ainu culture. Inhabited by the Ainu since prehistoric times and under the control of the Matsumae clan until the Edo period, it saw rapid population growth with settlers from mainland Japan during the Meiji era. Its people have developed unique cultures, agricultural practices, and wisdom to survive the cold climate. The Ainu, living in harmony with nature, have passed down valuable traditions, making Hokkaido a land where majestic nature, distinctive history, and Ainu culture converge, captivating visitors.

The Rich Flavors Born of Vast Lands

Hokkaido, with Japan’s largest agricultural lands and seas, is blessed with abundant ingredients, contributing to a nationally renowned food culture. From fresh seafood to dairy products from its status as a dairy kingdom and top-class agricultural produce like wheat and potatoes, Hokkaido offers a bounty of flavors, truly a “treasure trove of food”. When visiting, indulge in the rich tastes of Hokkaido, from its seas, mountains, and fields.

Diverse Sushi Experiences with the Bounty of the Sea

Surrounded by rich seas, Hokkaido’s unique sushi culture thrives on fresh seafood, offering sushi that emphasizes the natural flavors of ingredients without vinegar seasoning. Specialties include botan shrimp, sea urchin, and salmon roe. Sushi in Hokkaido is not just food but a way to experience local culture and history, with many places explaining the ecology and fishing methods of their ingredients. The availability of conveyor belt sushi restaurants also makes enjoying fresh sushi at reasonable prices popular among locals and tourists alike.

Hokkaido’s Specialty Products: Gifts from the Sea, Mountains, and Earth

Hokkaido’s bounty includes not only fresh seafood like sea urchin, salmon roe, and crab but also mountain delicacies and agricultural products like wheat, potatoes, and dairy. These products, nurtured by Hokkaido’s harsh nature, offer unique flavors, making them perfect to enjoy on your visit or as souvenirs. Explore and find your favorites among Hokkaido’s many specialty products.