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SUSHILIVE is dedicated to discovering and featuring the best sushi restaurants from around the world to help you encounter the finest sushi. Whether in your home country or a destination for future travels, you can discover incredibly delicious sushi.

Trends in Sushi:

The sushi market has a scale of 1.3 trillion yen. Sushi restaurants typically follow a representative style where sushi chefs sit at the counter, crafting and serving “Edomae-zushi,” a type of hand-pressed sushi, directly in front of customers. This style is said to have originated during the Edo period in the Bunsei era and remains highly popular nationwide.

In recent years, there has been an increase in low-cost conveyor belt sushi restaurants where plates of sushi are placed on an automated conveyor belt inside the establishment. The origins of conveyor belt sushi trace back to 1958 with the opening of the first store called “Mawaru Genroku Sushi.” This concept gained popularity for making sushi, traditionally considered a luxury dish, accessible at reasonable prices, and it spread across the country. Particularly in the 2000s, responding to the growing consumer demand for affordable options, chains offering a uniform price of “100 yen per plate” (excluding tax) became prominent.

SUSHILIVE categorizes sushi restaurants and conveyor belt sushi separately, encompassing sushi establishments worldwide. Whether by country, region, or specific criteria like restaurant name or rankings, you can find the perfect sushi restaurant for you. Additionally,SUSHILIVE provides updates on various sushi-related information, including glossaries and types of sushi.

SUSHILIVE is a platform where sushi enthusiasts, predominantly Japanese, continuously research and explore the world of sushi. SUSHILIVE aims to share the deliciousness of sushi born in Japan with people worldwide. In the pursuit of the finest sushi, SUSHILIVE will continue to update and improve its offerings.