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Tokyo’s “Kura Sushi” guide: A complete guide to enjoying conveyor belt sushi

Kura Sushi entrance, inside a two-story apartment building
Kura Sushi entrance, inside a two-story apartment building

For those who are looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience during their trip to Tokyo, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant is a must-do activity.

Among them, Kura Sushi is known for its reasonable prices and delicious sushi.

This complete guide introduces a fun experience at Kura Sushi for both foreign tourists and locals.

It is full of tips for enjoying Kura Sushi, including how to enjoy a satisfying meal on a budget, tips on using the restaurant in English, and how to make a reservation.

Be sure to use this guide as a reference when planning your meal at Kura Sushi in Tokyo.


What is “Kura Sushi”?

Kura Sushi sign
Kura Sushi sign

Kura Sushi is a popular conveyor-belt sushi restaurant chain where you can easily enjoy authentic sushi.

Since its establishment, it has been known for its reasonable prices and high-quality sushi. There are over 500 branches only in Japan plus overseas such as the United States, Taiwan and China.

There are about 60 stores in Tokyo, including not only standalone stores but also stores inside shopping malls and buildings.

For this reason, Kura Sushi is often found on the way home or on the way home after sightseeing or shopping, making it a recommended conveyor-belt sushi restaurant for tourists.

At Kura Sushi, sushi made with fresh ingredients flows on a rotating table, allowing you to enjoy your meal by picking up what you like.

The sight of a wide variety of sushi flowing down the lane is sure to excite both children and adults.

The atmosphere inside Kura Sushi is casual and homey, and it is loved by a wide range of customers, from families to businessmen.

Curious about Kura Sushi’s inside and atmosphere?

Kura Sushi entrance sign, 1st floor
Kura Sushi entrance sign, 1st floor

In Japan, there is always a gachapon machine installed near the entrance of Kura Sushi restaurant.

The number of machines varies from store to store, but they usually are attractive.

Kura Sushi entrance Gachapon machine
Kura Sushi entrance Gachapon machine

In Japan, there is always a gachapon machine installed near the entrance of a Kura Sushi restaurant.

The number of machines varies from store to store, but most are attractive.

Kura Sushi Automatic Door
Kura Sushi AutomaticDoor
Kura Sushi restaurant, table seating
Kura Sushi restaurant, table seating
Kura Sushi Table Seats Lane Gachapon
Kura Sushi Table Seats Lane Gachapon

Once we were taken to our table, we noticed another gachapon machine above the conveyor belt where the sushi was flowing.

There were many families there on that day, and the happy voices of children could be heard all around.

Why is Kura Sushi chosen as a Tokyo tourist destination?

Why is Kura Sushi chosen by the tourists visiting Tokyo?

Here are three possible reasons.

1. Affordable price, starting from 115 yen (tax included) per plate

Kura Sushi Menu Sushi
Kura Sushi Menu Sushi

Kura Sushi is popular with both domestic and international tourists because of the affordable prices.

With plates starting at 115 yen (tax included), you can try many different types of sushi without worrying about your budget.

The basic serving is two pieces per plate, so first-time sushi eaters can share with someone.

This affordable price is also very attractive to the families and friends from overseas.

The quality of the sushi is also high as the fresh ingredients are used despite the low price.

It’s a great way to experience Japan’s conveyor-belt sushi culture, so it’s recommended for the visitors visiting Japan for the first time.

2. No additives and high standard of the food safety

Kura Sushi - No additives used
Kura Sushi – No additives used

Kura Sushi offers additive-free sushi, so the food is safer than other conveyor-belt sushi restaurants.

No chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives are used, so you can enjoy your meal comfortably.

Japan’s food safety standards are very strict, but Kura Sushi meets those standards and maintains high quality, so it is highly reliable.

Food safety is an important point, especially for tourists from overseas.

Japanese food often involves raw foods, so the risk of food poisoning is high, especially in the summer.

But the food at Kura Sushi is guaranteed to be safe as it has passed strict inspection standards.

For tourists who want to enjoy a meal in Japan, Kura Sushi is the best choice of the conveyor-belt sushi restaurant.

3. A wide variety of side dishes

Kura Sushi Menu Side Menu
Kura Sushi Menu Side Menu

At Kura Sushi, you can enjoy not only sushi but also a wide variety of side dishes.

With a diverse menu including tempura, ramen, salads, and even desserts, you can enjoy everything other than sushi.

Having a variety of Japanese cuisines all at once is one of the best parts of sightseeing, isn’t it?

If you’re visiting there with your family or a group, everyone can choose their favorite dish, so everyone can enjoy a meal.

In addition, some side dishes are seasonal, so you can touch the four seasons of Japan.

Since you can enjoy most of Japanese food as well as sushi at Kura Sushi, it is recommended for families who can’t move around much.

5 things to do to enjoy Kura Sushi in Tokyo

Now that we’ve explained the charms of Kura Sushi, we’d like to introduce some useful information to help you enjoy your meal there.

If you’re planning to visit Kura Sushi after sightseeing in Tokyo, be sure to try these five tips!

1. Make a reservation in advance to reduce waiting times!

Kura Sushi is very popular and tends to get crowded, especially on weekends and during peak tourist seasons.

Advance reservations can be easily made at Kura Sushi through their official website or app.

In addition, the app is available in English, so even tourists from overseas can use it without any problems.

By making a reservation, you can be seated smoothly without having to wait for too long when you arrive, allowing you to make the most of your limited travel time.

Advance reservations are essential especially for tourists from overseas, to ensure that your sightseeing goes according to plan.

Be sure to make a reservation before you visit so you can enjoy delicious sushi without waiting too long.

2. Select your language when ordering!

When ordering at Kura Sushi, you use a touch-screen.

This touch-screen has a language selection function, so you can choose the one from multiple languages, including English.

It is designed to be easy to operate even for those who are not fluent in Japanese, so that tourists from overseas can order easily.

When you select a language on the touch-screen, the menu and ordering instructions will be displayed in the selected language.

We hope you will take advantage of the language selection function on the touch-screen to enjoy your meal at Kura Sushi.

3. You’ll win once in three tries! Get to know “Bikkura Pon! Plus”!

Kura Sushi Description Gachagacha Charge
Kura Sushi Description Gachagacha Charge

“Bikkura Pon! Plus” is a new service from Kura Sushi that was launched in August 2023.

Unlike the regular “Bikkura Pon!”, this service increases the chances of winning by adding 10 yen per plate.

Specifically, if you choose this option, you are guaranteed to win once in every three games.

At Japan’s Kura Sushi, you can challenge a mini-game with five plates of sushi, and if you win the mini-game, called “Bikkura Pon!” you will receive a prize.

The prizes vary depending on the time, but you can get collaboration products with Japanese anime, which is a must-have for anime fans.

If you really want a prize, we recommend taking advantage of this option.

4. Enjoy desserts and drinks after your meal!

After enjoying your meal at Kura Sushi, you can also enjoy desserts and drinks.

The menu offers a wide variety of desserts and drinks, making them the perfect way to close your meal.

There are a wide selection of desserts, such as ice cream, cakes, and Japanese sweets, which vary depending on the season and the branch.

There is also an extensive drink menu, with a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

In addition, drinks (non-alcoholic) served at Kura Sushi are served in plastic containers or paper cups, so you can take them home.

If you want to take a break after your meal, we recommend ordering them at the end.

5. If you want to experience Japanese culture, we recommend Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store!

The Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store is an attractive spot for the visitors to Japan.

This store is positioned as a new base for Kura Sushi Co., Ltd. to spread Japanese culture.

The Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store is the largest Kura Sushi restaurant in Japan, and you can enjoy a comfortable meal in a spacious space.

It is also equipped with staff who can speak foreign languages ​​and touch-screen for ordering in multiple languages, making it a friendly environment for foreign tourists.

Inside the restaurant, there is a “fair space” where you can enjoy “shooting gallery” and “ring toss”.

Some “Bikkura Pon!” capsules contain tickets along with prizes, which can be used for those activities.

Enjoy Japanese culture and delicious sushi at the Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store.

For more information about the Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store, check out the article below.


What are the actual reviews from foreigners who have visited “Kura Sushi” in Japan?

Finally, let’s take a look at some reviews from tourists who have actually visited Kura Sushi in Japan!


Sinchan Hendry(@h_4_holiday)がシェアした投稿


Mary Colón(@marathon_mary)がシェアした投稿

Many other people have also visited Kura Sushi in Japan.

Kura Sushi is such an attractive conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

Summary: Enjoy a fun meal at Kura Sushi in Tokyo!

Kura Sushi conveyor belt sushi lane menu
Kura Sushi conveyor belt sushi lane menu

If you want to enjoy delicious sushi in Tokyo, we recommend Kura Sushi!

With a wide variety of menu items and affordable prices, you can fully enjoy the Japanese food culture.

The Kura Sushi Global Flagship Store also has a friendly environment for foreigners.

If you want to enjoy Japanese culture and sushi, be sure to visit!

If you’ve read this article and want to know more about Kura Sushi, be sure to check out their official website and social media accounts below!

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