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If you want to try conveyor belt sushi in Kanazawa, this is the place to go!:Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Station Branch

morimori sushi Kanazawa In front of the store
morimori sushi Kanazawa In front of the store

It is said that Kanazawa has many attractions for tourists visiting Japan.

Not only is it home to many historical tourist spots, but it also has delicious seafood and mountain based foods, making it a highly satisfying tourist destination.

Kanazawa is famous as a tourist destination that combines beautiful traditional culture with a rich food culture.

Conveyor belt sushi where you can enjoy fresh seafood, is one experience that visitors cannot miss.

This time, we visited Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae Branch, located on the 6th floor of a shopping center adjacent to Kanazawa Station.

In this article, we will introduce in detail the special experience that Morimori Sushi offers, including authentic sushi made with fresh local ingredients, tourist-friendly service, and multilingual support.


What is Morimori Sushi?

Morimori Sushi is a popular conveyor-belt sushi chain based in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

They use fresh local seafood and serve authentic sushi, carefully prepared by their chefs. As their name suggests, they boast generous portions, and are loved by many locals and tourists alike.

The Kanazawa Station branch in particular is easily accessible to tourists, making it the perfect place to stop by on your way to Kanazawa.

Morimori Sushi is known as a great spot to enjoy fresh seafood from Ishikawa Prefecture.

With friendly staff and a clean interior, you’re sure to enjoy delicious sushi in peace.

The three features of Morimori Sushi

①Fresh sushi ingredients caught in Ishikawa and Toyama

The greatest appealing point of Morimori Sushi is the sushi toppings, which are made with fresh seafood caught locally in Ishikawa Prefecture and neighboring Toyama Prefecture.

Fish landed at Kanazawa Port, Nanao Port, and neighboring Toyama Port are purchased directly from the market every morning, so you can enjoy the freshest fish of the day.

Another attraction is that by serving seasonal ingredients, you can enjoy different seasonal flavors every time you visit.

The recommended ingredients change depending on which fish purchased that day, so it’s interesting to see the sushi ingredients on offer change from day to day.

In particular, the squid, horse mackerel, crab, and blackthroat seaperch caught at Kanazawa Port are so delicious that they are rarely available in Tokyo.

②The seasonings are also produced in Ishikawa Prefecture.

At Morimori Sushi, they are confident in not only about the sushi ingredients, but also about the seasonings they use.

All of the soy sauce and rice vinegar used at Morimori Sushi is produced within Ishikawa Prefecture, and they value the local flavor.

As a result, you’ll definitely notice a clear difference from the soy sauce you get at other conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

They also offer a la carte dishes that incorporate Kaga vegetables, a local specialty, allowing you to fully enjoy the food culture of Ishikawa Prefecture.

This has resulted in a flavor that is loved by locals as well as tourists.

③The store is located in a convenient location

Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae is located just a few minutes’ walk from JR Kanazawa Station, making it very accessible for tourists.

It’s a convenient starting point for sightseeing in Kanazawa, so you can stop by between shopping and sightseeing.

Morimori Sushi is located inside Omicho Market, also known as “Kanazawa’s Kitchen,” making it the perfect place for lunch or dinner between sightseeing.

You can eat sushi while touring the tourist spots, or stop by when you return to Kanazawa Station, eliminating unnecessary travel time.

Visited Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae branch!

From here, we will explain how to enter the Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae branch and review the sushi we actually had.

morimori sushi Kanazawa Reception explanation
morimori sushi Kanazawa Reception explanation

Unlike regular restaurants, Morimori Sushi is not something you can enter by just talking to a staff member.

The sign on the side of the restaurant said that you need to get a numbered ticket at the reception machine at the restaurant.

The reception machine is located at the front of the store.

morimori sushi Kanazawa Reception machine
morimori sushi Kanazawa Reception machine

Once you select the number of people at the reception machine, you will be given a numbered ticket.

morimori sushi Kanazawa Number plate
morimori sushi Kanazawa Number plate

A few minutes after the restaurant opened, there were already 15 groups waiting ahead of us.

However, they have many seats available, so we had a table without waiting too long.

From here on, I’ll introduce the sushi that we actually ordered.

①Yellowtail and fatty tuna

morimori sushi Kanazawa Yellowtail and fatty tuna
morimori sushi Kanazawa Yellowtail and fatty tuna

First, I ordered the yellowtail toro, which said it was for a limited time only.

Yellowtail is a fish that is familiar not only in Ishikawa Prefecture, but also in the Hokuriku region in general.

It’s not a very familiar fish overseas, but you can savor the sweetness of the fat and it melts in your mouth even more than otoro.

It’s not widely available in Tokyo and other places, so be sure to give it a try in Kanazawa!

②Blackthroat seaperch

morimori sushi Kanazawa Blackthroat seaperch
morimori sushi Kanazawa Blackthroat seaperch

Nodoguro, a luxury fish, can be caught in Kanazawa Port and Toyama Port, so it is eaten as a winter delicacy.

Nodoguro is said to be a favorite food of world-class tennis player Kei Nishikori.

The white meat has a mild flavor, but it still has a strong umami taste.

③Conger eel

morimori sushi Kanazawa Conger eel
morimori sushi Kanazawa Conger eel

The next one I ordered was conger eel, and I was shocked the moment I put it in my mouth.

The meat was so soft that it immediately melted.

There was no unpleasant odor at all, and I was truly shocked.

④Bluefin tuna (1 piece)

morimori sushi Kanazawa Bluefin tuna
morimori sushi Kanazawa Bluefin tuna

Bluefin tuna is an essential ingredient in sushi.

this looks delicious, and it really was.

I was given a choice between two pieces or one, but I was getting full so I ordered just one piece, but I definitely recommend you order two pieces.

⑤Megisu Tempura

morimori sushi Kanazawa Nigisu Tempura
morimori sushi Kanazawa Nigisu Tempura

In Kanazawa it’s called “Megisu,” but it’s more commonly known as “Nigisu.”

It loses freshness quickly as it’s a small fish,so it’s said that it can only be served to customers if it’s purchased fresh on the same day.

It is made into tempura at Morimori Sushi.

It is soft and fluffy inside, and has a mild flavor with a slight bitterness, so it is suited to the palates for adults.

As not many restaurants serve it, it’s a dish that is unique to Morimori Sushi.

Frequently asked questions at Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Station Branch

From here on, we will answer some questions that tourists who will visit Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae Branch might have.

Knowing this in advance will help you prepare when you get there, so be sure to check it out.

①I don’t know what to order

morimori sushi Kanazawa Today's Recommendation
morimori sushi Kanazawa Today’s Recommendation

Morimori Sushi has a menu that lists popular and recommended dishes so that even first-time visitors can enjoy their meal easily.

It’s also a good idea to ask the staff for recommendations.

They will tell you about seasonal ingredients that can only be tasted locally and the freshest items of the day.

②What is the items we shouldn’t miss?

When you come to Morimori Sushi, be sure to try the toppings unique to the Hokuriku region, such as nodoguro (rosy seabass), amaebi (sweet shrimp), and shiraebi (white shrimp).

The nodoguro (rosy seabass) in particular is a superb, fatty dish.

We also recommend the “Assorted Fresh Fish Direct from Kanazawa Port,” which allows you to enjoy the freshest ingredients of the day all at once.

It is common to eat shiraebi (sweet shrimp) on a gunkan platter, but if you’re not big fan of raw shrimp, they also offer kakiage (fried tempura), which you should definitely try.

③I’m not confident in my Japanese, is that okay?

morimori sushi Kanazawa Explanation in English
morimori sushi Kanazawa Explanation in English

Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae Branch has an English menu, so even if you’re not confident in Japanese, don’t worry!

There are also staff who speak basic English, so feel free to ask them if you have any questions.

Ordering can be done via a touch panel, but you can also select the language you want to use.

④Are there two Morimori Sushi at Kanazawa station?

Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Station branch is divided into two locations: Hokuriku Kanazawa Conveyor Belt Sushi Morimori Sushi and Noto-mae Sushi Morimori Sushi.

Both locations serve sushi, but Noto-mae Sushi Morimori Sushi is a counter-style restaurant rather than a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

Noto-mae Sushi Morimori Sushi also serves chirashi sushi and other dishes.

If you’d like to relax in a quiet space, we recommend Noto-mae Sushi Morimori Sushi.

⑤How to reduce waiting time?

Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae does not take reservations in advance.

Therefore,we recommend you “checking in before the restaurant opens” and “going a little earlier if you’re going for dinner.”

The restaurant opens at 11:00, but the shopping facility Kanazawa FORUS, which Morimori Sushi is in opens at 10:00, so you can make the most of your time by going a little early and checking in, doing some shopping, and then returning to the restaurant.

Access information for Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Station store

Store name:Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae Branch(Morimori Sushi)
Reservations:Reservations not accepted
Address:6F Kanazawa FORUS,3-1 Horikawa Shinmachi, Kanazawa City,Ishikawa Prefecture
Transportation:6th floor of the fashion building Kanazawa FORUS”,right next to JR Hokuriku Main Line “Kanazawa”Station (East Exit) and Hokuriku Railroad Asanogawa Line”Hokutetsu Kanazawa” Station3 minutes walk from Hokutetsu Kanazawa Station”
Opening hours:11:00-22:00
Budget:¥3,000-¥3,999 per person
Payment method:Credit cards accepted(VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners)
Electronic money accepted(Transportation electronic money (Suica, etc.), Rakuten Edy, iD)
QR code payment not accepted

What are the actual reviews of Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae branch?

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the reviews actually posted on Instagram.

Summary: Enjoy the seafood of the Hokuriku region at Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae branch!

morimori sushi Kanazawa In front of the store 2
morimori sushi Kanazawa In front of the store 2

At Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae, you can enjoy fresh sushi ingredients caught in Ishikawa and Toyama, and the locally produced seasonings enhance the flavor even more.

It’s easily accessible, so you can stop by between sightseeing and shopping.

Even if it’s your first visit, you can rest assured that the English-speaking staff will be happy to assist you.

If you want to fully enjoy the seafood of the Hokuriku region, why not spend a special time at Morimori Sushi Kanazawa Ekimae?

morimori sushi Kanazawa In front of the store

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