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Report of recommended sushi restaurant “eat” popular in Azabujuban,TOKYO

Recommended sushi bar eat popular in Azabujuban
Recommended sushi bar eat popular in Azabujuban

Azabujuban is the area that can feel traditional calm downtown area taste while being in the center of Tokyo.
Because a Shinto shrine or a mall letting you feel Japanese history remain, many tourists visit Azabujuban let alone a local person.

I make sushi
I make sushi

In addition, Azabujuban is known as the area that can eat authentic sushi.
It is a sushi bar called “eat” (if good) that particularly many local visitors and tourists use it in that.

Because any person is available casually in the sushi bar where an adult is casual, eat gains popularity.
I introduce the real atmosphere and rate exchange rates of Azabujuban eat in detail this time.

EAT restaurant details


What kind of shop is Azabujuban eat?

sushi neta
sushi neta

Azabujuban eat is the hideaway sushi bar of adult setting up the shop at the position within a 5-minute walk from Azabu-Juban Station.
Because the front of the shop is lighted up when it is night, it becomes the shop which is outstanding seeing from the distance.

In the first floor of Azabujuban eat, a concept parts from “eat sushi and Japanese food” “eat meat and Japanese food” by a floor the first floor under the ground.
I introduce the first-floor shop which can enjoy a meal of the sushi main this time under the ground.

Atmosphere in the shop

Atmosphere in the shop
Atmosphere in the shop

When I go down the stairs and open the entrance door, open kitchen of the beautiful grain of wood jumps into eyes.
The seat has a seat at a table on the extension line of the counter seat of the form around open kitchen in the center and the counter seat.
In addition, the private room which settles in the depths in the shop, and can enjoy a meal seems to be prepared.

A cozy atmosphere drifts in Azabujuban eat not the sushi bar of the atmosphere that sat up straight so that any person can enjoy a meal.
Therefore of course many foreign visitors enjoy a meal in the shop on a dinner meeting and a date.

Performance of eating


A lot of craftsmen who are young in Azabujuban eat are the impressions that the shop is full of vigor, and overflow.
I can eat in particular by sitting at the counter seat while a craftsman sees the scene grasping sushi in front.
It is particular to eat while being keenly aware of the performance that I cannot usually see.

In addition, he/she provides one sushi while a craftsman sees each person’s meal speed at the counter seat. I can taste the splendid experience that can eat sushi having just finished grasping it in Azabujuban eat immediately.

Even if there is a child, is it available?

private room
private room

Even if there is a 0-year-old child, I can use Azabujuban eat.
However, I can take advantage of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 0 years old, but attention is necessary because a rule is selected as a chisel more than a primary schoolchild on weekdays.
In addition, even in the case of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, I recommend that I make a reservation beforehand because only a private room is available to 0-year-old children.

Reservation method of Azabujuban eat

I can reserve Azabujuban eat by calling directly in WEB reservation site or a shop.
However, I recommend what I talk about on the telephone beforehand when I use it by the more than 10 number of people as Azabujuban eat is a popular sushi bar.

When it is WEB reservation site, I can reserve the day desired in own favorite timing. A busy person and the person weak in a call, please use WEB reservation site.

Information about a shop

Store address1-6-3, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo terrace Azabujuban B1F
Phone number03-6804-2233
AccessIt is 162m from 3-minute walk, Azabu-Juban Station from Oedo Line, the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Azabu-Juban Station Exit 7
business hours17:30-22:30 (last order/dishes 21:30, drink 22:00)
regular holidayNo regular holiday
terms of paymentA card is possible (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners), and, electronic money impossibility, QR cord is impossible of the settlement

Menu of Azabujuban eat


In Azabujuban eat, course dishes of the relief and the one piece of article dishes which I can eat only in Azabujuban eat are offered even to the first person.
Please warn in particular the course dishes because quantity as even a man is satisfied is offered when you make a reservation.

Course dishes

Four dishes courses are prepared for in Azabujuban eat.

The course that entrusts you

It is the course where is recommended for the first person to donate all the best ingredients of the day.

tsumakase course

It is a course of the snacks main to be able to enjoy a meal easily

Course left to sushi

It is the course that can enjoy Edo-style sushi for 10,000 yen

Upper course left to sushi

It is the WEB reservation-limited course which can enjoy sushi only using the fish which selected carefully on that day.

In Azabujuban eat, a course entrusting you is the most popular course menu.
However, I may feel that there is much quantity for a person and the woman of the small appetite from hors d’oeuvres because there are many snacks, ceramic ware, number of articles including sushi.

The upper course left to sushi is expensive most, but is the course where is recommended to a tourist because I can fully taste a taste of authentic sushi.

One piece of article menu

In Azabujuban eat, the menu which I can order in one piece of article is prepared for.
There is a truffle, and, with the grip, as for becoming, the material which I can eat only in Azabujuban eat is prepared for by the major material such as tunas.

Runny milt tempura and a truffle having it is daring and slice it in front are, and, in the outside, in the crunchy inside, they are particularly recommended to it being in a one piece of article menu.

Menu notation

There is not the photograph, and the menu list prepared for by Azabujuban eat is only Japanese notation.
However, the person of the shop introduces the material in English so that the customer from the foreign countries can enjoy cooking in peace.

Because a lot of tourists from the foreign countries use it, Azabujuban eat can use even the person who is not a person and the regular customer who cannot speak Japanese casually.

Rate speculation of Azabujuban eat

The rate speculation of the person using Azabujuban eat is 10,000 yen – approximately 20,000 yen per person.

I can enjoy a course of the snacks main and the course of the sushi main for around 10,000 yen. Even the person with the limit can taste dishes having high satisfaction in a budget.

The course where the person having a budget to spare entrusts you and one eating one piece of article dishes which I cannot eat only in Azabujuban eat are recommended.

The original cooking is prepared for from 600 yen – 4,800 yen and a reasonable price to high-quality dishes.
Sushi is prepared from a tuna and a stewed sea eel to the material that truffle inari is rare, but attention is necessary as a price fluctuates by the day.

Word of mouth of Azabujuban eat

eat sushi
eat sushi

Azabujuban eat gets a high evaluation from the tourist from the foreign countries let alone from a local person.
Here, I introduce an evaluation in word of mouth and SNS of the local visitor and tourist who actually used Azabujuban eat each.
The person visiting Japan by a trip and sightseeing to Japan in particular, please take word of mouth into account.

Evaluation of the word of mouth site

eat is a sushi bar popular in Azabujuban so as to get average star 4 in the word of mouth site.
I actually introduce some posted word of mouth.

>You can enjoy rare material with a grip, and sake or the wine seem to be had the material that the ingredients selected carefully from each places of the whole country abundantly, too. There seem to be feelings to the tableware enhancing dishes, and consideration is felt. The image that it was “Cami course” that had this time, but the sushi material is big generally, and a glistening-skinned fish is delicious.

>The class of visitors can enjoy a Minato-ku-like atmosphere in a couple, a foreigner, the various places such as the the Minato-ku girl.
Anyone enjoys each time, and the atmosphere in the shop is very good.

>The class of visitors can enjoy a Minato-ku-like atmosphere in a couple, a foreigner, the various places such as the the Minato-ku girl.
Anyone enjoys each time, and the atmosphere in the shop is very good.

>Sushi of Azabujuban eat to certainly want to eat when I return home.
The impression that the customer of the foreigner increased to. Delicious sake and the delicious fish can eat, and they are happy.

>As for the pike conger のとさつ jelly which was seeds null, a crab, mackerel, fish and vegetables boiled in thick soy with sugar and the members of the bean jam liver were rich in an accent in costars for a flavor of the shiso.
The live feeling is full of entertainment characteristics, and the open kitchen of the character of light ニ is a joke counter having rather high point of view casually.
It was the customer reception seat from the foreign countries, but was pleased. Azabujuban eat wants to call again.

EAT restaurant details

Evaluation of SNS

In SNS, a lot of voices of the joy were posted.
The person who wants to taste exquisite sushi in Azabujuban eat, please refer to it.

Let’s eat authentic sushi in Azabujuban eat!

eat tokyo sushi
eat tokyo sushi

Not only I can eat authentic sushi, but also Azabujuban eat can see the scene grasping sushi in front and can enjoy creative dishes not to be able to taste in other shops.

In addition, I want to taste various dishes! I can engage the person called this with a la carte not course dishes.
When I use it by a couple and a couple, one is a course dish, and one is a supporting flexible shop with a la carte.

The person called “… which manners do not understand though I go to a sushi bar for the first time in Japan”, please use Azabujuban eat which can taste genuine sushi and creation dishes while feeling turnout!

What is sushi live

The sushi live is a site settling sushi bars of the world so that each one can find the most suitable sushi bar.
By the sushi live, I can look for the United States, Europe, many local sushi bars including Asia including Japan of the sushi home.
I may find the shop which can eat sushi which is delicious at the country where oneself lives in and the destination making a plan of the trip by using the sushi live.

In addition, by the sushi live, I introduce the sushi bar where is recommended in a country and an area in a ranking form. Furthermore, I comment on the business-specific terminology that a kind and a sushi craftsman of sushi use by the sushi live in detail.

Please find really delicious sushi of the world using a sushi live

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katsuo sushi eat
Store Name EAT
Phone Number 03-6804-2233
AddressTerrace Azabujuban 1F, B1F, 1-6-3 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, TokyoView Larger MapFind a restaurant in the area
ParkingNo, please use the Azabu Juban Public If you go up the elevator at the top of the building, you will find our restaurant within a minute's walk.
Business Hours[17:30-22:30(L.O Food 21:30 / Drink 22:00) Open on Sunday Regular holiday No holidays
Regular Holidaywithout
Official Website
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katsuo sushi eat

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