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Kaido Sushi Bar

A contemporary Japanese restaurant which despite its compact size, has plenty of personality. It only has space for ten guests who have to arrive in unison, then sit together around the bar to appreciate the gastronomic experience to the full, including the explanations and studied movements of renowned sushi chef Yoshikazu Yanome.His philosophy is built around the Edomae Sushi tradition (established during the Edo period from 1603-1868) of preparing the (at the time abundant) fresh fish and seafood caught daily in the waters of Tokyo bay. The same idea permeates the cuisine here, which nowadays is based around the superb natural bounty of Valencia’s coastal waters, with a special focus on the red prawn. Nigiris feature heavily on the menu here.

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Store Name Kaido Sushi Bar
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Address Chile 3, Valencia, 46021, Spain
Business Hours Monday closed Tuesday 8:30 PM-12 AM Wednesday 8:30 PM-12 AM Thursday 8:30 PM-12 AM Friday 2 PM-4 PM 8:30 PM-11 PM Saturday 2 PM-4 PM 8:30 PM-11 PM Sunday closed
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