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【namida】What is namida?ナミダ


What is Namida used at sushi restaurants?

sushi and condiments
sushi and condiments

This time I would like to introduce you to Namida, which is an industry term for sushi restaurants.

Namida is wasabi

At sushi restaurants, wasabi is expressed as namida. When you put wasabi in your mouth, the strong stimulation causes you to cry (tears), which is why wasabi came to be called “namida.”

Wasabi itself is more of a condiment than an ingredient, and its spiciness and flavor enhance the taste of sushi and other dishes. However, it is also famous for its deodorizing and antibacterial effects on food poisoning pathogens. The reason why wasabi is added when eating sushi is that it suppresses the fatty and fishy smell of seafood, leaving a refreshing aftertaste, and its characteristic spiciness and aroma make it even more delicious.

Nowadays, with the spread of refrigerators and sushi being made in hygienic kitchens, wasabi is no longer used, especially in conveyor belt sushi restaurants. Recently, more and more adults are liking sushi without wasabi.

If you don’t like wasabi, there’s no need to overdo it at a sushi restaurant. Just say “Sabi (wasabi) nuki” when ordering.

Namida etiquette at a sushi restaurant

soy sauce and wasabi
soy sauce and wasabi

At a sushi restaurant, it is bad manners to dissolve wasabi in soy sauce. If you dissolve wasabi in soy sauce, not only will the beauty of the soy sauce be lost, but the flavor of wasabi will transfer to all the toppings. Some sushi and sashimi ingredients don’t have wasabi, and some have other seasonings, so be sure not to dissolve wasabi in soy sauce.

By adding an amount of wasabi that matches the type of sushi toppings each time you eat sashimi or sushi, you can not only make it look beautiful but also make it even more delicious.

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