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Sushi situation in Hawaii in 2024

Hawaii is a very popular tourist area for Japanese people as well. Hawaii, where tourists come from all over the world, has a variety of dining options. Japanese food is also very popular, and there are many restaurants offering udon, ramen, wagyu beef, and sashimi.


Sushi situation in Hawaii in 2024

This time, we investigated the circumstances surrounding sushi in Hawaii and the prices involved.

The location is Kahala Hotel, which is popular with tourists.



Plumeria beach house

Plumeria Beach House is an open-air restaurant serving breakfast through dinner on the edge of white sand Kahala Beach. Reminiscent of a cozy Hawaiian-style residence, Plumeria Beach House offers indoor dining and open-air terrace seating for casual dining, business meetings, and sunset cocktails.

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The amount of sashimi is also quite large.

There are a lot of crabs, tuna, salmon, shrimp, etc.

The sashimi was fresh in quantity and quality. It looks like a Japanese sashimi platter, but it’s very luxurious with crab and shrimp in it.

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