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【murasaki】What is murasaki?ムラサキ


What is murasaki used at sushi restaurants?

soy sauce
soy sauce

This time, I will explain the industry term murasaki used at sushi restaurants.

Murasaki means soy sauce

At sushi restaurants, soy sauce is called murasaki. The soy sauce used at sushi restaurants is slightly different from regular soy sauce, and is generally translucent. It is said that the name murasaki came from the fact that the translucent soy sauce looked purple.

Also, nigiri sushi first became available during the Edo period, and soy sauce was expensive at that time, so it is said that the name comes from purple, which was considered a noble color at the time.

Although murasaki is an industry term for sushi restaurants, more and more people are becoming aware of it. However, murasaki is not often used at ordinary sushi restaurants or conveyor belt sushi restaurants, but rather at so-called high-class sushi restaurants, especially Edomae sushi restaurants, where the sushi chef makes each piece in front of the customer and serves it to the customer. term used in. Some sushi connoisseurs and regular customers like to use it, but some people think that it should not be used favorably by ordinary customers, as it is an “industry term” that has been used among craftspeople. .

What is Nikiri soy sauce used at sushi restaurants?

sushi and soy sauce
sushi and soy sauce

Why is soy sauce at sushi restaurants a little translucent?

Actually, sushi restaurants use something called Nikiri soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce. Nikiri soy sauce is a soy sauce made by combining soy sauce, water, sake, mirin, and dashi stock and boiling it down. It is used to mellow out the strong aroma and saltiness of soy sauce and bring out the flavor of the ingredients. It is also called “sushi soy sauce” and is often used at sushi restaurants and Japanese restaurants. Ingredients and simmering methods vary depending on the restaurant, chef, and region.

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