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【donshari】What is donshari?ドンシャリ


What is the term donshari used at sushi restaurants?

Bowl of rice topped with sashimi
Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

This time, I will explain in detail the word donshari, which is used at sushi restaurants.

Donshari is white rice

At sushi restaurants, vinegared rice is called shari. And ordinary white rice, which is not vinegared rice, is expressed as Don Shari. This is a unique slang term used only by sushi chefs.

“Shari” is a Sanskrit word meaning “remains,” and the name comes from the small, white shape of the bones. There are various theories about the “don” part, but the most popular theory is that it came to be called “don shari” because it was used to refer to the rice used in donburi (donburi). Since the rice bowls served at sushi restaurants are topped with raw sushi toppings, the temperature is also important to bring out the best in the ingredients. If it’s too high, you won’t be able to make the most of the material. People also prefer foods that are less sticky, have a moderate texture, and have the sensation of melting in the mouth.

Types of rice bowls you can enjoy at sushi restaurants

Sea urchin salmon roe bowl
Sea urchin salmon roe bowl

At the sushi restaurant, you can enjoy not only sushi but also a variety of rice bowl dishes. Here we will introduce rice bowls that are popular at sushi restaurants.

  • Kaisendon: Kaisendon is a bowl of rice topped with plenty of fresh seafood.
  • Tuna-don, Tekka-don: Tuna-don is a bowl of white rice topped with tuna fillet. Tekkadon is a bowl of vinegared rice topped with lean tuna.

Even high-end sushi restaurants sometimes offer rice bowls at reasonable prices for lunch and other occasions, making it easy to enjoy delicious seafood. In addition to seafood, conveyor belt sushi sometimes sells unusual items such as steak.

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