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【geso】What is geso?ゲソ


What does geso mean?


I’d like to introduce you to geso, a word used at sushi restaurants and Japanese restaurants.

Geso is the leg of a squid.

“Geso” is the common name for squid legs, and is also used as a slang term at sushi restaurants. It is said that this term originates from the abbreviation of “gesoku,” which refers to the footwear that customers take off at vaudeville shows and restaurants.

Geso is often used in tempura, but it is also often used as a sushi topping. Although it may not go well with sushi rice, its good texture and unique sweetness are the reasons why it is so popular as a sushi topping.

It is said that the main types of squid used for sushi include cuttlefish, Japanese common squid, spear squid, and mongo squid (mica). Squid sushi made from cuttlefish, Japanese common squid, spear squid, and Japanese squid all contain high-quality taurine. Taurine is said to have the effect of burning and reducing fat, and is very healthy.

When is squid season?


Squid season varies depending on region and type. Cuttlefish are in season from the latter half of August until winter, great squid are in season from spring to summer, and common squid are in season from October to early autumn.

Various kinds of squid are landed in Japan throughout the year, and it is no exaggeration to say that squid is in season all year round.

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