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【geta】What is geta?ゲタ


What is geta used at sushi restaurants?

sushi on a board
sushi on a board

This time, I would like to introduce you to the industry term used at sushi restaurants: geta.

Geta is a board on which sushi is placed.

At sushi restaurants with counter seats, the sushi is usually served on a wooden table. If you look closely at this wooden stand, you will notice that it is shaped like a large geta. If you’ve ever eaten at a counter sushi restaurant, you may have noticed this.

The wooden tables at sushi restaurants are called “sushi geta” because of their appearance. Also, in the slang word used by sushi chefs, it is sometimes simply called “geta.” A stand without legs at the bottom is called a “Moriita” to distinguish it.

Originally, sushi was placed directly on top of leaves such as balan on the counter. Sushi geta (sushi clogs) began to be placed in front of the customer seats to improve cleaning efficiency and prevent moisture.

Let’s know the manners of Geta


There are various etiquette rules at sushi restaurants. When eating sushi at the counter, it is good manners to eat without moving the sushi geta. The geta is generally placed in a place where both the chef and the customer can easily reach it. The chef and chef place the sushi on top of this, so if the sushi is placed on top of the geta, depending on the restaurant, the geta may feel a little high, but you can reach out from there. Please pick up the sushi and carry it to the table or to the outside.

Also, it is considered impolite to place your chopsticks on top of the sushi geta, serving plate, or bowl, which is called “watashibashi”. If you don’t have a chopstick rest, place them on a soy sauce plate or serving plate.

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