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【tachi】What is tachi?タチ


What is sushi restaurant Tachi?


This time I will introduce the industry term for sushi restaurants, tachi.

Tachi is a sushi restaurant.

tuna sushi
tuna sushi

It is said that the term “tachi”, which means “to stand”, came to be used when a chef stands at the counter to make sushi. Generally, it refers to a sushi restaurant with a counter, not a conveyor belt sushi.

However, even outside of sushi restaurants, it is common for chefs to stand and prepare food. Why did the word tachi come to be used only at sushi restaurants?

It has to do with the history of sushi. Nigiri sushi restaurants were born in Tokyo during the Edo period. When it first opened, it started as a food stall where ordinary people could casually eat while standing. At that time, sushi was not bite-sized like it is today, but rather the size of a rice ball, so people often ate one or two pieces as snacks when they got hungry. It is said that because they ate standing up like this, they came to be called tati.

What is the difference between Tachi and conveyor belt sushi?

At Tachi, where sushi is served at the counter, the chef’s discerning taste and preparation techniques ensure that the fish is as delicious as possible. In addition to the quality of the ingredients, you can also enjoy the space and atmosphere that each store has, and the best part is that you can enjoy the craftsmanship and conversation right in front of your eyes. It is also suitable for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and celebrations.

On the other hand, the appeal of conveyor belt sushi is the low price. You can easily eat whatever you like. There are many types of sushi, so even people who don’t like fish can enjoy it.

Each type has its own merits, so we recommend using them depending on the occasion and the people you’re going with.

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