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【tane, neta】What is tane, neta?タネ、ネタ


What are the seeds and toppings used at sushi restaurants?


This time, I will explain the industry terminology of sushi restaurants, seeds, and toppings.

Tane and neta are sushi ingredients placed on vinegared rice.

The word “tane” comes from the word “tane” for sushi seeds. It is said that in the Edo period, upside-down words became popular, so “tane” came to be called “neta,” so it is not wrong to use either of them. Nowadays, the name “sushi neta” has become established.

What is the recommended order in which to eat sushi toppings?


Generally speaking, it is better to eat sushi in the following order: boiled from plain ingredients, then sushi with strong flavors, then rolled sushi. This is because if you first eat something fatty and strong-tasting, the fat will remain in your mouth and your tongue will become numb.

Start with white-fleshed fish such as sea bream and sole, then eat strong-flavored foods such as fatty tuna and sea urchin, and after eating strong-flavored foods, eat gari or drink tea to cleanse your mouth. You can enjoy the flavor of sushi by leaving it aside. Finally, finish off with a refreshing sushi roll.

If you can’t decide what kind of toppings to order, such as light or rich, you can tell them to leave it to you. If you want to eat sushi at the counter, ask about the day’s recommendations and then order by telling them that you’d like “the main recommendation to be around XX pieces.” The chef will take the order in hand and serve you the food, so you can be sure it will be delicious.

If it’s a casual meal like conveyor belt sushi, you can eat whatever you like in whatever order you like. However, at higher-end restaurants with counters, you can enjoy your meal even more if you are conscious of the order in which you eat your sushi.

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